Tai Chi Qigong Classes

You learn the 'Shibashi 18' form (18 movements), an easy to learn form for complete beginners.

Shibashi 18 is a combination of Qigong and Tai Chi (a Chinese Martial Arts) movements.

You learn Qigong meditation, proper breathing and relaxation exercises to experience your energy, your Qi.

Qigong can be practised by anyone regardless of age and fitness.

Classes are offered as 3-week, 4-week, 10-week or 1-day courses. 

You can also choose for private one-to-one tuition sessions, face-to-face or online, and I offer Shibashi 18 Tai Chi Qigong with Qi at Work.


The 18 movements of the Shibashi 18 is developed by Professor Lin Housheng. He developed the form in the late 1970s in China. He reintroduced Qigong in the medical world in China.

Millions of people all over the world are now practising Shibashi 18.

You will learn the first set with Qigong London and focus on the health benefits of practising the first set of the Shibashi 18.

Read more here about the benefits of practising Tai Chi Qigong.

Next courses

The face-to-face classes and courses until August 2020 are all cancelled due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. Please go here for Online Classes.

Private tuition

Please click here for more information about private tuition: one-to-one or tuition for a small group that you gather.
These private tuition sessions will be online via Zoom until August 2020.


I am experienced in delivering Qi at Work in the corporate world, for members of staff in schools, parents, nursing homes, and management teams. 

Employees learn to focus, manage their stress levels and work on improving their productivity.

These programmes are also delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meetings until August 2020.

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