Private Tuition

I offer Private Tuition for individuals and groups.


I offer one-to-one private tuition.
If you choose to have one-to-one sessions via Zoom, your hourly rate is based on your income (sliding scale fees with a maximum of £75 an hour).
 You need access to a mobile phone / laptop / computer and internet for online one-to-one sessions.
Depending on your level (complete beginners, intermediate or advanced) you can learn Shibashi 18 within an hour (advanced) to maximum 6 hours (complete beginners). We will decide together how many sessions you need.
Learning the Golden Spine 9 usually takes longer, but we can discuss this after your first session.

Small Private Group 

When you gather 3 to 5 participants including yourself for 'private group sessions', the hourly maximum rate of £75 is applicable for your group. I work with a sliding scale fee for small private group sessions.
We can meet face-to-face and will decide together where to meet. Online Zoom sessions for small private groups is also a possibility.

Please note: when we choose any other venue or location then the ones I suggest for your face-to-face one-to-one and small private group tuition, travel costs will be charged. Get in touch for more information.