Private Tuition

I offer Private Tuition for individuals and groups.


I offer one-to-one private tuition.
For now, one-to-one sessions are online via Zoom. 
Depending on your level (complete beginners, intermediate or advanced) you can learn Shibashi 18 within an hour (advanced) to maximum 6 hours (complete beginners). We will decide together how many sessions you need.
Learning the Golden Spine 9 usually takes longer, but we can discuss this after your first session.
Your hourly rate is based on your income.

Small Private Group 

The 'private group sessions' are meant for groups of 2 to 5 participants including yourself . The hourly fee is based on your combined income.
We meet face-to-face at the Haelan Centre in Crouch End, North London. 
Online Zoom sessions for small private groups is also a possibility. All members of your group need access to a mobile phone / laptop / computer and internet.
Depending on the progress of your group and which form you want to learn, we will decide how many sessions you need.

Get in touch for more information.