What students say:

“Shirley’s teaching of Tai Chi Qigong is remarkable. My experiences, whenever I have a class, is one of relaxing, calming and knowledgeable learning. I feel at home during these sessions as she takes you step by step, with ease through the moves whilst keeping you informed of what each movement means and represent. I recommend and welcome Shirley’s teaching…. she is calm and very patient.What I like the most is the fact that she meets everyone in class … taking each individual on their own personal journey in her teaching method and approach. She is highly trained and knowledgeable in her teachings … she brings her authentic and empathetic side to every teaching I have attended…”


"Shirley is a fantastic teacher. Very patient and gives you lots of advice. I will continue classes with her as it helps me a lot."


"Learning and practising Qigong with Shirley Amatsakio is truly "Life-Giving." During the 4 week Qigong course, I experienced vibrant, elevated energy from the very first session and was able to feel my Qi with ease. By the time the course has completed my Qi energy and emotional outlook had shifted from sadness to joy. I am becoming more flexible day by day. Shirley's intuitive teaching style and wisdom, brings out the best in you, in a gentle yet profound way and Shirley provides detailed resources for you to practice and master Qigong Shibashi 18 day by day. I can honestly say that I will be practicing Qigong for the rest of my life."


"Shirley is a lovely, calm and compassionate teacher. She has an eye for all class members and generously shares her knowledge. I would love to continue to attend her classes."


"Shirley's classes have been a wonderful introduction to Qigong for me. The Shibashi 18 is a manageable sequence that I can use at home but I will definitely be back for more."


"Shirley's class is beautiful. I learned about energy, especially my own. Transforming and healing."


More reviews can be found on Google, and Qigong London's Facebook Page.