My name is Shirley Amatsakio.

I am a Qigong Coach trained at the London School of Qigong, and the Holistic Healing College, approved by the professional body the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). I am a member of the CMA and abide to their Code of Ethics.

My background is in education and mental health care; my heart lies in empowering others. 

I support you to change positively by practising the art of Qigong.

I have been exercising various Chinese Martial Arts forms for nearly thirty years. Now, I show others how to experience calm and peace with Qigong and a combined form of Tai Chi and Qigong.

I discovered Qigong in an emotionally overwhelming time for me. A time wherein I changed environment: a new job, a new home. My mind worked overtime: the "What if it doesn't work out?" - thoughts took over. I felt stretched and stressed. My body felt extremely tired.  
Practising Tai Chi and later Qigong brought peace, quiet and balance in my body and mind. Peace and quiet to let these emotions, feelings and thoughts be, going through them and letting them flow. 

On my journey of mastering different forms, I found an easy to learn system: the Shibashi 18. 'Shibashi 18' means 18 movements in Chinese. Shibashi 18 is a form of Qigong that combines Tai Chi (Chinese martial arts) and Qigong (energy work) mindful movements. I am now passing the form on to my students so they experience their flow of energy, to help them heal and grow.

I also show others the powerful Golden Spine 9 Qigong form. This Qigong form consists of 9 grounding movements. Practising this form strengthens your back, spine and core. You learn to deeply connect with yourself and your environment.

When you join one of my courses/classes/sessions, I will take you on a journey of connecting your body and mind, and changing your perspective in how you approach overwhelm, simply by focusing on your breath,  moving slowly whilst encouraging you to increase your awareness.