Qigong in the Workplace

Practising Tai Chi Qigong is an effective way for managers and employees in the workplace to experience peace, calm and focus in a hectic environment resulting in higher productivity and finding that work/life balance.

In schools, colleges and universities, exercising Tai Chi Qigong helps students, teachers and parents/carers to reduce (exam) fears and cope with daily demands.

For therapists, counsellors, teachers, customer service officers, frontline service workers, care and support workers and anyone dealing with people in an intensive way, exercising Tai Chi Qigong can be beneficial in setting and maintaining boundaries. Practising Tai Chi Qigong is an effective form of self-care. 

I run online and onsiste Stress Management and Mindfulness Sessions for businesses, organisations, schools, colleges, and universities.

Other popular events to invite me to: Health and Wellbeing Fairs, Learning at Work Events, International Women's Day Events, Stress Awareness Month Events, Women and Girls Events, Team Building Days, Health and Safety Fairs.

Contact me for more information and about Qi at Work programmes.

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