Monday 7 October 2019

8 advantages of practising Tai Chi Qigong

We live in a hectic world and it seems like being busy bodies and being exhausted are seen as status symbols.

Say goodbye to exhaustion by practising Shibashi 18 (a combined form of Tai Chi and Qigong) on a daily basis.

When joining a Tai Chi or Qigong class you will learn gentle exercises and movements whilst breathing properly and correcting your posture. This helps you to relax and unwind.

In Qigong London's classes you will focus on the 'ABC' or 8 advantages or benefits for your health and wellbeing:

1. Awareness:

You will become more aware of yourself and others:

observe, notice, recognise, identify what is going on in your body, your mind, and your surroundings so you better understand yourself, your triggers, your feelings, emotions, your thoughts, and others;

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2. Breathe:

You will learn to breathe properly and use the full capacity of your lungs.

We tend to breathe using the upper part of our lungs only; we tend to breathe from our chest. This is the way we breathe when we feel stretched and stressed.

You will learn in stages how to breathe properly, You will learn to breathe properly whilst you are moving and correcting your posture so you breathe properly and reach calm;

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3. Calm:
4. Destress:

You reach calm, and find yourself relaxed when practising Tai Chi Qigong.

Because you slow down your breathing, your body and mind relax.

When you slow down your breathing, you are telling your body and mind that everything is fine.

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5. Energise:

By practising Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 18 regularly, preferably every day, you can say farewell to exhaustion and tiredness.

You feel you are flowing, you feel more energised.

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6. Focus:

Watching your hands and noticing your breath when performing the sequence of movements requires focus.

Focus is one of the benefits of practising Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 18.

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Focusing raises your productivity.

7. Grow:

When practising regularly, you will grow.

Accept that you will go through different stages before you come to that balance emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Growing is a process, and growth takes times.

8. Heal:

Tai Chi and Qigong are ways to heal.

You can take control of the process of healing.

Practise Tai Chi Qigong.

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