Qigong London

Experience inner peace and calm through practising Qigong.

Join one of the Tai Chi Qigong classes available in London (UK), suitable for complete beginners.

Qigong, also spelled Chi Kung [pronounce chee gong], means energy work and breathing skill. Qigong is an ancient Chinese art of integrating mindful meditation movements, focused attention, and breathing techniques.

'Qigong' consists of the Chinese words 'Chi' and 'Gong'.
'Qi' stands for circulating life energy and is known in Chinese philosophy and medicine to keep this energy balanced in a way that is beneficial for you to experience good health.
You can practise to keep your energy flow going ('Gong') by joining one of the courses offered.

Qigong helps you to take control and balance your energy levels, managing your weight and rejuvenate.

In Qigong classes you will learn meditation, breathing, focusing to increase awareness and posture correction exercises, moving gently whilst breathing properly. You will practise to feel your Qi and how to keep your Qi flowing.