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Last updated: 6 March 2022

Laws in the European Union about protecting your personal information changed on 25 May 2018. It is called GDPR and stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

Qigong London operates from the United Kingdom. 
With Brexit, the United Kingdom is economically no longer part of the EU.
From 1 January 2021 there are practically no or little changes to Qigong London's privacy policy.

The EU GDPR is incorporated into UK Data Protection Law as the UK GDPR.

What does that mean for you?

I want to ensure that you understand what I collect and how I use the information I hold about you.

If you contact Qigong London for more information about the services I deliver, you will receive an email to consent to email updates in the future.
You can, at any time, opt out by sending an email to, and I will make sure you will be taken off the mailing list and confirm this by email to you.

If you have approached Qigong London before 25 May 2018 about the services I deliver: I have contacted you for your consent to receive updates about current and upcoming classes, courses, workshops and other events by email.

If you have had (a) therapy or coaching session(s), (a) consultation(s), and/or have attended courses or workshops, I destroy your records after 6 years.
The personal information you share like your name, address, phone number(s), and email address(es) will not be shared, sold, or transferred without your personal consent.
I am a member of the professional body CMA (the Complementary Medical Association) and abide to their Code of Ethics which means that information you provide about yourself is kept to myself (confidential), unless I am by law enforced to share your details.


Please remember that others, not me, gather information about you too, like the ones controlling this site.  When you first open this site, a notification pops up explaining that the company, Google, and their selected partners collect information about you. They also note that you can remove or block this from happening. Please go to their Cookie Policy how you can do this.

If you have any questions, please contact me: 

With Good Qi,

Shirley Amatsakio

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