Golden Spine 9 Qigong Classes

Golden Spine 9 is a new Qigong form.
You will be one of the first ones in the world being taught this powerful form of mindful moving whilst breathing properly.


Golden Spine 9 is developed by Blue Marsden, Hay House author, founder of the Holistic Healing College and the London School of Qigong. He based the form on ancient movements, inspired by the Soul Plan system.
You learn 9 basic, grounding movements connected to the energies and symbols used in the Soul Plan system. 
In general, practising The Golden Spine 9 strengthens your core, back and spine.
Our spine is the most important part of our body.  Our spine keeps us upright, stand up, and it protects our spinal cord.
The spinal cord is a column of nerves connecting our brain with the rest of our body so you can control your movements.
Golden Spine 9 focuses on freeing your spine, concentrates on making space in between your vertebrates, resulting in flexibility, and lightness. You gain physical strength and develop your spirituality. It helps you to ground and increase your awareness.


Benefits include;
  • longevity;
  • rejuvenation; 
  • posture improvement;
  • strengthens your back and core;
  • improving functioning of your digestive organs;
  • clearing energy blockages in your hips;
  • encouraging and stimulating the body to want to move more throughout the day;
  • preparation for meditation;
  • getting your energy flowing.


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If you were one of my (former) Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 18 students: the Golden Spine 9 will deepen your Shibashi 18 practice.

You don't have to have practised a Tai Chi/Qigong form before to join these classes / sessions.

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